About Retro-Clothing

Hey I’m Daniel aka. RetroMonster924[Xbox Gamertag]and I’m the creator of the Retro-Clothing brand. I suppose I better tell you a little more about Retro-Clothing & how it came about.


I’m a normal 11 year old kid who is into usual stuff, gaming, skateboarding, snowboarding, bmx, & all sorts of sports football, rugby, boxing etc. I found that I struggled to find clothes that I liked in the usual boring clothes stores & often they didn’t have decent stuff for kids my age.


I told my Dad this and been old & grumpy he said

“ Why don’t you create your own brand then!” and I thought “Why not!”  So here it is my brand

Retro-Clothing. Retro to reflect my tag – RetroMonster924. We have two logo’s Retro-Robot pixelated in cool colours & my limited edition range – Retro-Monster.


I hope you like my style & enjoy wearing my products. Firstly, I have launched my premium quality cap & beanie range, and keep an eye out for my hoodies, t’s and plenty of other merch !!


Be an individual!!


Dan !